[Metro Journal] Do’s and Don’ts Mentally Strong People Follow to Stay Strong

A personality is built based on how strong or weak a person is mentally. Mental strength and stability can take a person from nothing to something really great and amazing; it has a transformative effect on the personality. Mental strength can be analysed based on three key parameters which are thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Depending on how a person lets his/her thoughts wander, controls emotions and adapts behaviour, their overall characteristic and personality is defined.

So, can one change the state of their mind and become stronger than they were yesterday? Well, some changes can be brought about in oneself; being mentally strong can certainly be a learned skill, only if one wants it to be.

Some of the outstanding traits shown and followed by mentally strong people to stay that way are listed here.

Do’s followed by mentally strong people:

1. They believe in taking risks, calculated risks

The appetite and capability to take risks is what differentiates mentally strong people from those who are not. It is a defining factor that sets the path to success. It is not just taking any kind of risk but a well thought-through and calculated risk which makes the difference. When one has the required mental stability to analyse situations from various angles to choose the best option, appropriate and high-paying risks can be taken with a high-level of surety of success. The whole process of taking risks is stressful and exhausting but it yields extreme rewards which are not possible by always playing safe.

2. They make sure they have the power

Life is full of unexpected changes and inevitable challenges that for many people lead to excessive stress and self-doubt and eventually resulting into a breakdown. When one is physically and mentally weak then they lack the power to take control of the situation and deal with it appropriately. Mentally strong people always make sure they have the power over themselves and their situations. It is never an easy task to keep the mind stable while in a tough situation, but strong people realise that that’s the only way to manage the situation and turn it in their favour. 

3. They are open to change

Change is the only thing that is constant, one that doesn’t change perishes. This is true for everything. To be successful one should have a clear scheme for growth; this will involve a lot of changes in the circumstances and should also involve bringing in changes to try out new methods of achieving a goal if one method fails. Those with mental resilience know this for a fact and embrace change with open arms, positivity and confidence.

4. They believe in their capabilities

While facing life’s challenges if one drowns in self-pity it will not be possible to think clearly and making decisions to better the situation. Mentally strong people know the seriousness and results of not making right decisions at such junctures in life. They know how to bring into motion their strengths to deal with the situation at hand and turn into a favourable one. They also know their weaknesses, this gives them the power to change or dodge situations that they might not be able to handle well. Like true leaders they know how to mobilize their strengths and control the effect of their weaknesses on situations.

5. They surround themselves with positive people

Our mind naturally attracts negativity and within minutes it can snowball into something enormous. Mentally strong people consciously seek people who have positive thoughts and be around them. They actively choose to be with people who will bring more positive thoughts into their life, and not those who will suck life out of you by pouring negativity all over you. This is one important trait a mentally strong person must have.

Don’ts followed by mentally strong people:

1. They don’t dwell on their mistakes

Mentally strong people know that dwelling on their mistakes is not going to take them anywhere closer to their goal, only further away actually. These are the people who know to learn quickly from their mistakes and move on. They also don’t repeat their mistakes again.

2. They don’t laze around

Laziness only leads to procrastination and delay in solving problem being faced, this is especially bad for those wanting to make something big for themselves. Mentally strong people use this opportunity to go ahead in the race and try to fix the problem they are facing.

3. They don’t give up easily

Mentally strong people don’t fear from trying over and over again, giving up is not part of their character. They know how to pull resources together and look for alternate ways to finding a solution to the problem at hand. They are aware that only after failure success comes.

4. They don’t envy other successful people

Mentally strong people know how to control their emotions when they see and meet other people around them achieving their goals and becoming successful while they have still not reached their success point yet. Getting pressured at such point and resent others for their success is not what mentally strong people waste their time on. They train their mind, put a leash to it and guide it to the right path.

5. They don’t get obsessed over things not under their control

Our mind always seeks control of every situation, it yearns for that, on the surface this may seem calming but in fact what it does is create more and more anxiety about those “What if I can’t control that situation” questions. This is a very unproductive activity that mentally strong people don’t indulge in. They know where to let loose and look for other ways out.

It is clear that success comes after overcoming many hurdles and obstacles, and in no sense it is an immediate result. Mentally strong people follow a disciplined life to lead a life they desire and stay strong during those unforeseen situations.

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