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Our thriving co-working community in Hong Kong and why we’re here to stay

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 Hong Kong is one of the best places for starting, building, and growing your business. After all, it’s a bustling metropolitan financial and logistics hub, as well as a strategic gateway to the growing Chinese markets.

It is no wonder there is a growing number of entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies doing business in Hong Kong.

Due to lean budgets and manpower, the cost-effectiveness and flexible arrangements of a co-working space have appealed to many of these entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies.

However, with the early exit of WeWork from Causeway Bay and the announcement that the number of WeWork offices in Hong Kong will be halved by 56%, it sent ripples of panic and a mad scramble to find alternative working arrangements amongst many Hong Kong freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies.

If you’re looking for alternative co-working arrangements in Hong Kong, here’s an overview of Metro Workspace’s thriving co-working community in Hong Kong and six good reasons why we’re here to stay.

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  1. Part of an established company in Hong Kong
    Metro Workspace is established by Metropolitan Lifestyle, which is a part of Star Group Company Ltd that owns many other sub-brands like Metro Wine Cellar, Metro Fine Wine, Metro Living, Metro Storage, Metro Production, as well as Metro Kitchen whose partner brands include Red Tears, Cafe 52, Yakiniku, and Yuen Long Siu Mei.

With over 10 years of experience in adding value to people’s lifestyles, we can handle all your co-working needs in Hong Kong, including providing workspaces as well as organising team-building events and private parties.

The different venues of Metro Workspace is fully owned by Metropolitan Lifestyle, so there is no danger of unforeseen closure like WeWork, whose spaces are leased.

Coworking Metro Workspace - Admiralty in Hong Kong

  1. Dedicated workspaces that don’t cramp your style

Metro Workspace offers workspaces for all types of businesses from freelancers to corporates, with 24/7 access to the spaces throughout the entire year.

With a choice of hot desks, dedicated desks, and all the way up to generously sized office rooms, doing business in a co-working space doesn’t mean you’ll need to compromise on your workstyle.

The workspaces available are wide and spacious, so if you’re held up for long projects, you’re also less likely to feel the walls closing in on you.

Metro Workspace’s co-working spaces have various office-like comforts, such as air-conditioned office spaces. You shouldn’t have to worry about expensive data charges or unstable Internet connections when you’re working. That’s why the high-speed Wi-Fi at our co-working spaces in Hong Kong will come in handy.

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  1. Extensive range of facilities

Different types of venues are available for use, such as meeting and conference rooms, private kitchens, photo studios, and even party rooms to host your colleagues, partners, and friends.

Be it product launches, presentations, or seminars, our venues come with different seating capacities and presentation equipment that allow you to host a whole suite of activities.

Some also come with unique wellness and lifestyle facilities you won’t find anywhere else. Think 28-screens TV wall, theatre-style seating, and fully-stocked kitchens— perfect for a post-event cocktail party.

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  1. Locations that bring you close to the action in Hong Kong

Unlike some offices that are situated in far-flung neighbourhoods, co-working spaces in Hong Kong are mostly in prime locations close to commercial business districts or within the city centre itself, so you’re nearer to work and play.

Metro Workspace’s co-working locations cover the most premium address in business districts to upcoming commercial or industrial zones all over Hong Kong, including Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Tin Hau, Kwai Chung, Yuen Long, and even expanding to Seongdong Gu (Korea) soon.

Each co-working location is also well served by Hong Kong’s transportation system. This also means you have a wider choice of dining, entertainment, and lifestyle options to reward yourself after a hard day’s work.

Day Pass for Hot Desk & Private Room - Metropolitan Workshop

  1. More bang for your buck in Hong Kong

Metro Workshop caters to everyone from all walks of life— from solo freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies to large corporates. We provide a wide range of packages with different pricing and service options like day passes, weekly, or monthly contracts.

From April 2021 onwards, we’re also rolling out a monthly rental contract with 15 days rent-free if you stay for 6 months and 30 days rent-free if you stay for 12 months. You can cancel anytime without a penalty, given a 30-day notice.

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  1. Friendly and close-knitted co-working community in Hong Kong

Working in a co-working space may take some time for you to get used to, but Metro Workspace’s friendly and close-knitted co-working community in Hong Kong can make the experience easier.

Different co-working spaces, even within the same co-working company, have their own style and community. This is perfect for individuals who enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds and countries.

Large communal spaces and pantries are available to foster a livelier work environment. With regular programmes and outings organised for the co-working community, Metro Workspace makes it easy for individuals to mingle and be part of a support network.


The familiar comforts of a close-knitted co-working community paired with the extensive facilities of a well-equipped office. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

At Metro Workshop, we combine affordability, flexibility, mobility, and diversity to inspire and to do business. Simply choose your preferred facilities as well as location and we will generate an estimated price for you. Keen to view the venue in-person?  Free scheduled tours are also available for you to check out the workspaces.

Contact us now at +852 3955 8550 or to find out more.




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