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How Covid 19 Reshaped Work?

Hong Kong, a fast bustling city has experienced more major shifts and challenges in the past few months than it ever has done before. As the third wave of infections hits the city, companies are forced to adapt and think about how they might change their corporate workspace structure. Existing open floor plans are being reconsidered for better personal space management and more subtle changes like stricter cleaning schedules are being utilized.

How remote working affects meetings and other interactions?

With the current pandemic situation and economic struggles, there are also safety concerns that businesses need to deal with to reduce the spread of infection – but how do you keep up work production and maintain a healthy business and employees?

One popular strategy that is tested on a global scale is to work from home and this strategy is proving to be quite effective, but for many Asian city dwellers – especially in Hong Kong, the typical living spaces are quite modestly sized – with an added problem of multi-generations living under the same roof.

With a culture of small living spaces, our homes are just simply not designed to be a proper and efficient working environment. For many workers, working from home can be quite difficult under the circumstances, and businesses need to start thinking of more efficient and alternative ways for employees to work remotely and effectively, whilst also keeping away from busy crowds.

Working from Anywhere

A creative solution that businesses are beginning to adopt is to utilize existing coworking spaces that will act as a hybrid, convenient, spacious and flexible area – whilst also creating an efficient working environment.

Redesigned offices or modern coworking spaces like Metro Workshop, with private room options or flexible hotdesk seating options are conveniently located in strategic locations around Hong Kong and can be a cost effective solution to serve as an alternative space for working culture and collaboration.

More importantly, coworking spaces will help de-densify existing office spaces, to minimize and prevent any potential risks whilst also creating a safe working environment for employees.

Traditional Office Spaces

With prime retail and commercial property rents rising, business will need to think if the traditional working office structure is still as cost effective or as efficient as in the past.

As coworking spaces continue to grow and evolve, providing many cost effective and flexible advantages, traditional office spaces may not serve the same role as before.

Instead these spaces can be redesigned to serve as a central hub for internal and client in-person meetings as well as group interactions – The new thought out office space can also serve as an repository for the organizations assets, such as technology infrastructure, documents and other confidential storage.

Kick-starting the economy through collaboration

Having a space full of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners can not only benefit your workflow but it is also a great way to grow your local connections and kickstart your business.

With a struggling economy, brands and businesses are working together in collaboration to help each other to recover and rebound. Great established coworking spaces like Metro Workshop are a great community for better connectivity and networking, with virtual social events to bring in more ideas and expand your business.

Modern, well equipped and with 7 strategic and convenient locations within Hong Kong, Metro Workshop can really help businesses accommodate employees with the flexible private space and tools – giving a real sense of ‘working from anywhere’.

While the crisis is not yet over, there are solutions that can see us through the other side, it is time to re-think the traditional work structure and adapt to the ever changing environment!

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