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How are coworking spaces redefining productivity?

With rental costs ever on the increase, coworking spaces are starting to become the new trend in efficient business models – even banking giants like HSBC have shifted part of its workforce into these convenient spaces.

The advantage of modern coworking spaces like Metro Workspace – that offers flexible layouts of shared or private office areas, is that they are readily available to businesses and entrepreneurs and acts just like a permanent office – without all the cost overheads and hassles that come with it.

A dedicated workspace that is designed specifically to increase your productivity

Aside from the cost and conveniency benefits, coworking spaces are designed specifically to increase productivity, from the convenience of location to the full access of many amenities.

With the current pandemic forcing many workers to work from home, it can be difficult to virtually manage your business or team. If you do not have a designated work area at home, it will leave many opportunities for distraction – through family members, pets and other home related issues that you might need to face throughout the day. You might even experience a general lack of motivation because of the temporary working environment you are in.

Having a dedicated workspace can instantly boost your productivity, providing you with a quiet, work-optimized area for you to focus on your business and with minimal distractions. What’s more, studies have also shown that just the simple process of getting dressed for work and commuting to an office led to better business decisions.

Access To Meeting Spaces On Demand

First impressions are important and most businesses will require occasional meetings with clients – be it through face to face or Zoom. Working at home presents a problem with meetings where it may be difficult to find a quiet and private space ( or preventing your family members or pets walking in on your meeting! ) to discuss projects or other things with important clients.

The great thing about quality coworking spaces like Metro Workspace is that they will often have readily available meeting spaces for you to book – complete with fast internet access, amenities and equipment for presentations and other essentials. You won’t have to waste time stressing about finding a professional and private space to meet with clients and instead use the valuable extra time to impress them and close business deals.

Networking & Collaboration Opportunities

Co-Working spaces attract many diverse companies, from different cultures, backgrounds and expertise. This type of working space can provide opportunities that can go way beyond your own inner circle, giving you a great chance to meet like minded people that will inspire yourself and your team. These valuable professional ecosystems can enable you to communicate, learn from other businesses and tackle problems at a whole different perspective.

Another great feature of coworking spaces is that there are many activity-based, networking focused events, providing you with opportunities to expand your personal and professional network instead of limiting yourself to your own working space.

Workspaces with Extensive Amenities

Apart from taking advantage of the different activities and events on offer, companies are also making the shift from traditional into modern coworking spaces to provide a full range of amenities and facilities to its employees that traditional workspaces cannot provide.

Places like Metro Workspace offers a large array of amenities and facilities – ranging from simple printing facilities to product and professional shooting spaces, complete with shooting equipment. Small or even medium sized traditional companies cannot afford these set ups or simply do not have the sufficient space to do so.

Apart from the vast workplace amenities that Metro Workspace provides, the spaces are also designed for a work/life balance – with exclusive deals and offers from collaborative brands that go beyond just the workspace.

One of the biggest responsibilities as a company is to provide a workspace for yourself and your team that is comfortable, efficient and productive. Transferring yourself to a modern coworking that is filled with like-minded entrepreneurs will enable you to reach new levels of productivity and reach your goals.

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