5 reasons to bring your pet to work

Pet friendly workspaces are becoming increasingly common around the world. Like flexible working, having pet friendly offices is now seen as a significant perk to attract and retain talent. Google, Etsy and Amazon are among the first movers in this space by introducing pet friendly workplaces.

The pandemic has brought people and pets closer. A survey reported 11 million households in the US, including one in six Gen Z employees, have got a new pet since the start of the pandemic. The survey also revealed that pets have helped people get through the adverse impacts of the pandemic. In Hong Kong, the last official survey conducted by the Census and Statistics Department in 2005 revealed over 12% of households had pets, of which dogs were the majority (38%).  While this survey reflects results from over a decade ago, Hong Kong’s pet food imports in 2020 were up 23% compared to 2019 with sales of pet foods including imports expected to reach over US$250 million. This suggests that pet ownership has continued to rise in Hong Kong. In the light of this growing trend, in 2018 the government in Hong Kong implemented the ‘Animal Welfare and Management Policy’ with the aim to support people and animals co-exist in a harmonious way. This has brought about a more regulated industry for animal breeding, stricter controls to minimize animal cruelty while supporting animal welfare and increased pet friendly gardens operated by the Leisure and Cultural Department equipped with facilities, fountains, latrines and play facilities for pets.

The majority of employees have developed structured work from home routines alongside their pets at home during the pandemic. With employees returning to the office, it is only natural that some employees may express apprehension at returning to the office while leaving their pets at home.  There are a number of benefits from having pets in the workplace, which we have summarized below.

1. Having pets in the office can reduce stress and improve morale

Having pets in workplaces has been shown to reduce employee stress and make employees feel more relaxed while improving employee engagement. This in turn leads to improved morale and increased job satisfa.

2. Pet friendly workplace practices enables companies to attract and retain talent

In a previous article we discussed the value millennials and Gen Z employees place on flexible work. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 1 in 2 Gen Z employees were even prepared to look for a different job if their employers did not offer pet friendly workplace options. Among the broader working demographic, over 55% of employees expressed they would be happy returning to the office if they could bring their pets with them. Companies with pet-friendly workplace practices are better positioned to attract and retain talent in a competitive market.

3. Having dogs in the workplace improves social interaction

A study showed having dogs as part of the workplace increases social interactions between employees. This promotes greater psychological health and wellbeing among employees. Pet friendly workplace practices also promote collaboration, camaraderie and a sense of community among like-minded people within the company which in turn improves employee engagement.

4. Having pets in the workplace reduces financial burden on employees

Permitting pets in workplaces reduces the financial burden on employees of having their pets at daycare or hiring a pet-walker. This leads to greater employee engagement, loyalty and alignment with company values. An engaged employee is a valuable one.

5. Pet friendly workplace practices may help improve perception

Having pet friendly practices confers a host of benefits to employees which results in improved employee health, morale and engagement. On the customer front, having pet friendly workplaces is likely to provide a favorable, warm, and welcoming culture improving the perception of the organization.

Metro Workspace as a pet-friendly workspace

Metro Workspace offers flexible, affordable, inspiring workspaces for Hong Kong’s thriving SMEs and entrepreneurs. We have created an eco-system for members to enjoy beautiful, affordable, lifestyle-centric workspaces across the city designed to inspire creativity and connection, while offering the comforts of being at home. That includes the opportunity to bring your pet to work any day of the week, every day.

Metro Workspace understands the importance of flexibility and hybrid working. With eight locations across Hong Kong’s most popular business and creative districts, corporates in Hong Kong, Metro Workspace is positioned to meet your organization’s need for      a well-equipped,      ergonomic, and professional shared workspace. It offers members the ease of accessing a location convenient to them, minimizing commute time while also allowing them to bring their pets to work.

Building a sense of community is at the heart of what Metro Workspace does. Not only will members have the opportunity to continue to interact with other members of the organization but they will have the opportunity to interact with our diverse clients who include individuals from corporates, SMEs  and freelancers.      Metro Workspace being a pet-friendly venue, allows our members to meet other like-minded individuals while also offering their pets interactions with other furry friends.

If you’re in Hong Kong and considering getting a new pet, make sure you reach out to Hello Dog, Hong Kong’s go-to-guide for pet parenting, providing trusted resources and tools ranging from healthcare, food & nutrition, behavior, and pet leisure activities.

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Image Source: https://www.rover.com/blog/best-dog-friendly-offices/

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