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10 questions with Newland, Founder of AutoMi

As with all business ventures, a well-managed balance sheet is an important aspect that enables you to take your business to the next level. 

Financial management can be complicated at times, especially when you are focusing on growing the business and budgeting for various expenses, and trying to scale your business. 

Fortunately, there has been a rise in offerings of innovative accounting and money management software for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong – from daily tasks like invoicing and making payments to more complex tax-related management tasks.

Today we speak to Newland – a resident of our co-working space offerings at Metro Workspace. Newland is an entrepreneur and founder of AutoMi – An automated accounting software designed for SMEs. 

– Tell us about yourself and what was your inspiration in starting up AutoMi 

Being an entrepreneur is a very rewarding and exciting experience. There are so many things to learn and opportunities for personal growth. However I find keeping up with accounting and bookkeeping a very tedious and unpleasant task. 

AutoMi’s main objective was to tackle that pain point. I would like to provide a product that helps entrepreneurs enjoy working on their business without the headache of mechanical and tedious tasks through software automation. 


– What sets your brand apart? 

AutoMi focuses on providing automation software related to the accounting process. Whether you are using off-the-shelf accounting software like Xero or MYOB, or manually by Excel, we are very experienced in designing the most efficient solution to automate the workflow. 

Customers find us easy to work with because we have good domain knowledge in 3 key areas, namely business, accounting and software development.


– What were the significant challenges you faced during this pandemic and how did you overcome them? 

The pandemic brings a lot of challenges to many people and businesses. However we are blessed to be in a position to be not affected by it, and even experienced business growth, as our product and service can help our clients face the pandemic. One of our clients finished a project with us before the pandemic and thanked us for helping them automate and digitize their paper-based process, as they can easily transform to a virtual team. 


– Finding a work and personal life balance is important, what are your top 5 personal goals for 2021? 

In our team we keep 3 key growth targets. For myself, they are Courage, Discipline and Self Control. 


-Running a business is difficult, what keeps you inspired and motivated? 

Being able to grow, achieve and contribute motivates me. I am a big fan of the book Growth Mindset. We also contribute our revenue to Hong Kong charities especially for the younger generation. All these motivates me to do better. Reading is also very important as it is kind of like conversations to great minds. 


Can you name 3 things that contribute to your success? 

Having a growth mindset, weight training and learning to be empathetic with team and clients.


– How does a co-working space setting like Metro benefit your business?  

I had a LinkedIn post that said “Looking for the BEST Workspace? It is not the stuff, but what it does to you”. The post was inspired by Metro.

I always thought a workspace is just hardware, a desk, a good chair and a quiet environment. But working in Metro, I realized that a workspace is more than just hardware. It is the state that it brings to you when you walk into it. The emotion and mental responses the space triggered. My productivity (and business) improved a lot after moving into Metro as the space really helps me get into my optimal state.  

There is a great rooftop here and I love sunshine! Every day I get the sunshine I need with a great cup of coffee, I could not ask for more. Staff and People here are also very friendly and helpful.


-Can you recommend 3 software or tools that really helped grow your business and why? 

Microsoft Teams as we are a virtual team, and a good collaboration platform is very important. 

Google analytics is also very important as our web presence is crucial for our marketing. AutoMi of course helps run our own business. 


– What are your future plans for AutoMi? 

We would like to keep improving AutoMi’s product so that more people find it useful.  


-If you had one piece of advice to give to startups and entrepreneurs, what would it be? 

Be courageous, conquer fear, believe in yourself. 


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