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What is your background and what inspired youto start or work in this business?

I always aspired to be an entrepreneur since I was a kid, butdecided that some work experience at a ‘big company’ would give me a goodperspective starting out. So after college, like a good Hong Kong kid I wentinto investment banking.
After getting my first promotion and with work getting alittle stale, I decided it was time to take a plunge, and spent 3-monthsstudying coding full time. After the course, I started my first company,Paperlss, which aimed to use tech to eliminate paper from trade shows.
While we were doing trade shows, we noticed that there’sperhaps a bigger scope for the application for our technology in B2B world. Sowe started our current company, GoCoTech, to build stronger ‘enterprise’communities through technology.

What does your business do?
We provide community building software for enterprises.Companies get their own branded app, and use our platform to improvecommunication and engagement with technologies such as push notifications.Co-working spaces have a clear need for this, so does co-living spaces – ascommunity is an core part of their business. We have since then started gettinginquiries from other customers, such as schools and large corporates, whichalso see our software as an effective – and sometimes fun - way to keep theirmembers connected and engaged. We are Facebook + Whatsapp + Slack + Instagram +Linkedin for enterprises.
What is the key challenge that you are currently facing inyour business?
Acquiring more customers and generating more revenue. As aB2B business, we believe the value of our product is reflected in the pricecustomers are willing to pay, and this comes from truly understanding thecustomers’ needs and helping them solve a real problem. Not an easy process atall but we are slowly getting there.
Do you have any specific or specific type of customer thatyou are targeting? (Perhaps one of our members could help make an introductionor become a customer themselves!)
Any organization looking to build stronger communitiesthrough technology and having their own branded mobile app. E.g. companieslooking to improve customer retention rate and increase repeat purchases;corporations looking to improve engagement and internal communications; schoolslooking to connect their community better - our technology is versatile and canbe adapted to suit needs.

What are you going to do if tomorrow is the end ofthe world?
Probably eat a lot of really unhealthy food    
Anything else you want to tell our community?
Drop by Room 4A (right behind the hotdesks) at Golden Boy(Admiralty) any time to have a chat! Or add me on 
linkedin :)

What is yourbackground and what inspired you to start or work in this business?

      Iknew from a young age that I wanted to start my own business, so while I wasstill studying I took the opportunity to explore a diversity of industries including:media, PR, IT, property, manufacturing, finance, law, education, non-profit andpolitics – through internships and work experiences in HK, Taiwan and the UK.
      My first business venture was back in 2010 when I foundedone of the first (if not the first) co-working spaces in HK, but it proveddifficult managing it while studying in the UK. Ultimately I decided to focuson finishing my degree first, while using the time to explore and buildrelationships in the startup worlds in HK and the UK.
      After I moved back to HK after graduating, I realized thatmy passion is in entrepreneurship itself rather than any specific type ofbusiness. So together with a partner I have started a company aiming to helpother emerging brands and startups.

What does your business do? 

      Crowd Vinyl helps brands market and sell inGreater China, providing a one-stop solution as a full-service localization andbusiness development consultancy, working as their marketing and operationspartner to facilitate their expansion.

What is the key challenge that you are currently facing in yourbusiness? 

     As with many growing businesses, our key challenge is in finding morecustomers and generating more sales – for example by helping foreign brandslearn more about the Mainland China market, its potential and its practices.

Do you have any specific or specific type of customer that you aretargeting? (Perhaps one of our members could help make anintroduction or become a customer themselves!)


     Our target customers are emerging brands, startups and SMEs that want tomarket and sell their products in the Greater China region. We are also lookingto build partnerships with agencies or companies that work with our targetcustomers.

What are you going to do if tomorrow is the end of the world?

       Try to relocate to Mars Today!

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【夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s Concert Rainbow】

“I am crazy because I have a dream.” The word, dream, could seem to be a bit head in the clouds but DSTAGE, a non-profit programme aims to encourage dreamers to realize their aspirations and wild thoughts through this rare opportunity by creating a platform to give support to all dreamers. 

To support this good cause and help embracing the idea, Metropolitan Lifestyle group is proud to sponsor 夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s concert Rainbow. By having Phil Lam 林奕匡, JW 王灝兒 and Supper Moment as the concert guest performers to help spreading the idea, we are pleased to announce that 夢者舞台 DSTAGE’s concert marked a perfect ending at Macpherson Stadium on 15th September. 

Once again, we would like to thank all dreamers who took their precious time to the concert, and we hope more dreamers be inspired to pursue their dreams and take them in action!

Check out our Facebook Page to get the latest update:
Learn more about 夢者舞台 DSTAGE's project

    The Golden Boy - Metro Workshop ( Coworking Space in Admiralty )


Allan Wan - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

This is a really nice place that's very clean and tidy. More importantly the view is really great! strongly recommended!

Jamie Hui - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

Joined a free trail membership at Admiralty, great location, right on top of MTR station, very helpful and friendly staff and most importantly...they got free flow coffeeeee ! highly recommended !

Anthony Lai - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

Metropolitan Workshop (Admiralty) is a nice and clean environment , providing full facility in the business center and convenient place for business meeting. I like it.

Michael Tse - Member - Admiralty Workshop  

Really nice place for all energetic entrepreneurs and start up companies

Hui Pan - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

nice and friendly environment, convienient to reach!

Cara Wong - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

A stylish and cozy workplace, very productive.

Deep Ng - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

Convenience and nice place

Richard Slom - Member - Admiralty Workshop 

A 'high octane' workspace in the 'heart' of Hong Kong. A creative space where passion to detail makes it special and where from the moment you walk in the feeling of being part of the family is instant. The convenience and accessibility to all amenities is a confidence booster where you get the feeling that you are able to 'live the dream' and 'achieve your goals' by working in this energetic environment.